Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting for Google ebooks in New Zealand?

Come over to our place now while you wait.
An invitation from VUP.

Victoria University Press welcomes Google ebooks recent launch in the States. While New Zealanders wait for access we would like to remind them that wonderful New Zealand books can be downloaded right now from, also via or

We've got some ebooks which will make great reading over the upcoming holiday period, including Patrick Evan's novel about Frank Sargeson and Janet Frame, Gifted (on the lists of many reviewers best picks of 2010), and Tim Wilson's post-rapture novel Their Faces Were Shining. Both of these titles were included in the Listener's 100 Top Books of 2010, along with Pierre Furlan's The Collector's Dream and Bill Manhire's The Victims of Lightning.

Our newest ebook is Motel View by Forbes Williams. First published in 1992, Motel View was acclaimed by reviewers and shortlisted for the 1993 Wattie Award, but it remains Forbes Williams' only book (so far) and is something of a lost classic.

We’ve been releasing ebooks since July. They are a mixture of New Zealand history, novels, short stories and poetry. We have not restricted ourselves to obvious bestsellers, but have chosen a diverse range of books in order to test the interest from different parts of the community.

The nature of the internet means that it is as easy, quick and safe to buy an ebook from as it is from a major retailer, and VUP’s ebooks are available in both industry standard ePub format, which works on most readers, and mobi, which works on Amazon’s Kindle.
Useful information on ebook readers and reading ebooks on your computer can be found by clicking the ‘ebook readers’ banner at the lower left of every page.
At present VUP’s ebooks are available directly not only from, also via or In time they will be available from other retailers as well.

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