Friday, December 24, 2010

E-book Readers Breed E-book Readers

Wednesday 22 Dec 2010

According to UK pollster YouGov, 15 per cent of Kindle owners have one or more extra units. For Sony's Reader, 13 per cent of owners have more than one.

The reason? Mostly - 36 per cent of cases - it's because the owner found his or her other half wouldn't stop using it, forcing the owner to acquire a new one.

The Register 


sonja yelich said...

This has nothing to do with e-books -
as I prefer the real thing - but i just wanted to say how much i like this blog - hope you have a great holiday break Mr. GB - cheers, sonja

Shellyblomker said...

Being that I've known about those ebook readers for awhile and that I have my own book blog on blogger, I would rather sit back a read a real book and look at the books that are covering my bookshelves. Not saying that it couldn't be a wave of the future. Its just better to see a book in print because its been around for longer then most of us have been alive. Its a classic read.