Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suzy's Coffee House

Stephen Oliver writes:

I saw your posting on Suzy’s Coffee House.
I remember it well and often went there in the late 60s. This is a photo of young writers ‘at work’ (probably on each other’s insecurities and egos) upstairs, at Suzy’s Coffee House, c. 1968. 
An 18 year old Stephen Oliver (middle) and an 18 year old Geoff Cochrane being engaged, no doubt, in some self defensive riposte, on the right. The other person to the left is a friend with more mundane concerns, quite fed up with all the literary one-upmanship & brag.
The photo was taken by one of those roving photographers you would see around Wellington during those days who would buttonhole you and present his studio card after seeking permission to take a photo or two.
We would meet upstairs at Suzy’s maybe on a Friday evening, but more likely on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to discuss our latest literary intrigues, newly discovered writers, and show each other fresh bunches of newly penned poems. Innocent days!

Photo © Stephen Oliver

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Time wasn't wasted then!