Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Cooking for the people you love
Rachel Grisewood
Allen & Unwin - $49.99

Gosh what a gorgeous big book filled with great recipes, loads of helpful advice and wonderfully illustrated throughout by colour pics and appealing drawings. It has only just come to my notice.
Manna From Heaven is of course the name of Rachel Grisewood's Sydney-based firm renowned for its delicious cakes and biscuits.
Her book, with over 150 recipes, does include many of her most treasured cakes, sweet treats and savoury delights but it also includes main courses, desserts, snacks etc but more than that it is a great story about cooking and cakes, warmth and family, nurturing and life, messiness and love. Rachel Grisewood shares a part of her life with us and I found her story both entertaining and instructive.

I especially liked this line, I know exactly how she feels ! :
I'm not sure I could live without olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and basil.

This thumper of a book  is a real  cracker so if you are still short on Christmas gifts, (and you are of course rapidly running out of time!), then consider this one, you will make someone very happy.

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