Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where’s Wally? It's his 25th birthday tomorrow.

He’s still getting lost after 25 years!

Tomorrow, Friday 21st September, Wally celebrates a very special birthday. It will mark 25 years since the first Where’s Wally? book was first published back in 1987. Here’s why we love Wally:

  • Where’s Wally? is a publishing phenomenon! Over 56 million copies have been sold worldwide
  • 5.6 million iPhone and iPad Where’s Wally? apps sold and 3.9 million ‘likes’ on Facebook
  • Wally has reached celebrate status! He has appeared in the primetime TV shows The Simpsons, Friends and Frasier; on the 1000th anniversary cover of Rolling Stone magazine as a cultural icon of the last 40 years; and on Google Earth

  • Right - Martin Handford with Wally & friends.
Happy birthday for tomorrow Wally !

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