Monday, December 20, 2010


Back in 2003 specialist children's book publishers Mallinson Rendell published this handsome hardback picture book by adult fiction writer Lloyd Jones. I must admit I missed it at the time but now that Penguin Books has bought Mallinson Rendell on the retirement of founder Ann Mallinson they have reissued it. This makes sense as Lloyd Jones' adult novels and short fiction is published by Penguin, most recently Hand Me Down World.

Manoli is a chicken farmer on the island of Corsica but he yearns to be different. His opportunity comes when he wins the annual Napoleon Bonaparte look-alike competition, judged by the famous emperor himself. But Manoli become a bit too big for his boots and chaos ensues.
A fun story for pre-schoolers with appealing bold illustrations by  Graeme Gash. And a bargain hardback at $19.99.

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