Thursday, March 24, 2011

An update from The Children’s Bookshop, Christchurch

Mary reports in - I have been uncharacteristically quiet I know, but I’ve been busy, nose to the grindstone, cracking the whip and all that stuff.

The Children’s Bookshop is still homeless.
We considered living under a bridge, but there was no broadband.

Now, where can you find power, broadband, routers, switches, printers, monitors, cables, technical blah blah blah??? In the lounge of a geek of course – so currently The Children’s Bookshop is running a web and mail order service out of my lounge.
It is keeping three staff gainfully employed.


Claire G said...

And still the humour! Truly remarkable.

All the best to those of you struggling in Chch.

John McIntyre said...

Mary and Sheila

We are constantly thinking of you, and hoping you can get back up and running soon.
Your spirit and optimism are inspirational.
Kia Kaha

John and Ruth McIntyre, Kim Gruschow, Heidi Voorendt and Sasha Martin.