Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Godmother of Chick-Lit Returns

from The Daily Beast
Francine Pascal gave us Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the pert, blond, miniskirted stars of Sweet Valley High, which burned up bestseller lists in the 1980s—the first teen fiction to appear on The New York Times paperback bestsellers list, alongside John Updike and Norman Mailer. Pretty, popular, with perfect California tans, the identical twins were the Carrie Bradshaws of their day—"the most adorable, dazzling 16-year-old girls imaginable," as Pascal once described them—wearing the best clothes, dating the most popular guys, and always on the verge of losing their virginity... but somehow remaining chaste.

Swimming against the cultural currents, 73-year-old Pascal is back with Sweet Valley Confidential, the first new book in seven years. Jessica Bennett talks to the author about Elizabeth and Jessica, who are all grown up and yes, actually have sex and use Facebook now.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I remember loving Sweet Valley High when I was younger. I wonder what Confidential will be like?