Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fundraising short story anthology for Canterbury

"Survival can be achieved where it once seemed impossible, hope found in the most unexpected places, and slowly a new future slides into the field of vision.

Tales for Canterbury is an opportunity for readers everywhere to lend a hand to the people of Canterbury, who have shown resilience and bravery as they work hard to rebuild their lives and city. Who face a changed future.

Whilst much of the real writing about the earthquake is still to come, and best undertaken by Cantabrian writers themselves (some of whom we are very pleased to include in this anthology), many will find familiar themes in these pages. Worlds are shattered and rebuilt. Families determined to stay together. Pieces of the past have new meaning and the future brings with it something you never expected.

Tales for Canterbury brings you a variety of stories set in both contemporary and future times, worlds touched by disaster, magic, and the otherworldly, where everyday truths are explored, and you never know what shape the future might hold. Explore the depths of what it means to be human, escape the real world, and find hope in these pages.

All profits donated to the NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal."


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