Thursday, March 31, 2011

MANY AS ONE - Artwork for Christchurch

What do an embroidered fossil 'tessalorax', NZ novels, a rare imprint of USA poet Melissa Green's first poetry collection The Squanicook Ecloglues, original oil sketches, charcoal drawings, handmade books and jewelry - crafted from silver and a silkworn cocoon - have in common?

These are items that have been donated by writers and artists (national and international) to the MANY AS ONE - Artwork for Christchurch appeal. This Dunedin-based initiative has been active for four weeks now and will continue for as long as contributions come in.
The intention behind MANY AS ONE is to form a circle of mindfulness around the Christchurch community and to raise money for the earthquake fund via a process of creative exchange.

A one-off donation (no amount is too small) ensures your name goes into the MANY AS ONE draw each week - the chance of your name being drawn remains in place for as many weeks as this initiative is active. . .

To find out more, please visit the MANY AS ONE page ( on Claire Beynon's blog -

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