Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September ‘Quake.

Our chimneys came to life

bricks became birds

flew through roofs onto cars

landing on lawns building up terror

Night with a crack made its move

tiles turned to leaves and fell

laid on the lawns

in terracotta glory

The roads were rivers

rubble the shops

theatre fronts fell

foundations were flowing

Neighbour is clasping

next-door neighbour

strangers are standing

as strangers no longer

History houses hopes clattered down

Fear came thundering love stood its ground

Two days later the cat comes back

two days later she pads on in

two days gone she licks her paws

two days later she’s purring again

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman


Jeffrey Paparoa Holman is a Christchurch-based poet/writer/teacher and his poem, reproduced here with his permission, was written following last weekend's quake; it was first published in The Press yesterday, 7 September.

Response from Jeffrey:
Kia ora Graham - thanks for this. We are grateful for all the support and good wishes from the wider community, and the lovers of books and writing. Shame the Writers Festival had to be cancelled, but there was no choice, really. He mihi kau ana ki a koutou katoa!

Photo below - house minus chimney - The Press.
More photos and story at The Press.

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