Friday, September 24, 2010

Foyles Husain backs Hachette's agency move

23.09.10 - Victoria Gallagher - The Bookseller

Foyles c.e.o. Sam Husain has backed Hachette's decision to switch e-books to the agency pricing model claiming it will "stabilise the market".

Hachette's move to the agency pricing model this week has led to its e-books being removed from websites of Waterstone's, W H Smith, Tesco and The Book Depository, as well as Foyles.

Husain said the independent has always trusted the printed price on physical books and the agency model was effectively "standardising the price". He added: "If anything it will hopefully stabilise the market so that you don't get the Amazons of this world then discounting e-books and again it makes a nonsense of the price. So in that sense I actually don't have a problem."

Hachette's e-books have however been removed from Foyles' website as the retailer has yet to sign the agreement. Husain said he was concerned there could be legal issues due to it being anti-competitive, however he has yet to take legal advice.

He said it was "more than likely" the independent chain would sign the agreement soon and said if further publishers went down the same route he would be more inclined to sign it.

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