Thursday, September 23, 2010


The New Zealand Book Council, the Auckland Museum and Unity Books have gathered a talented, literate and entertaining bunch of people to raise money for the Christchurch Red Cross Appeal.

Oscar Kightley, Emily Perkins, Don McGlashan, Eve De Castro-Robinson, Steve Braunias, Arthur Meek, Noelle McCarthy, Simon Wilson, Marti Friedlander, Hamish Keith, Russell Brown, Leanne Pooley will all tell a true story on the night of September 30 on the theme of SURVIVAL.

Internationally, live storytelling events are thriving right now, especially in the US and UK. Trademarked storytelling organizations such as The Moth or The Scoop have been selling out within 48 hours and creating hype (do believe the hype).

The Book Council has brought live storytelling to Auckland this year with its hugely popular True Stories Told Live events. Seven ordinary folk with extraordinary stories deftly wove together life, truth, reality and a creative approach to fact.

Now, rallied by the Christchurch earthquake, 12 of New Zealand’s leading arts and media talents will gather for what is expected to be the biggest True Stories event so far.

At True Stories Told Live, the story must have a beginning, middle and an end and it must be true, says Book Council Communications Manager Susanna Andrew.

“Although therein lies the debate. Where in storytelling does non-fiction stop and fiction start?
It’s the compression, the construction and the sheer originality of each person’s retelling that makes being in the audience so fascinating,” she says.

“The length, for one, is too short to be boring and yet long enough for plot, pace, adventure and humour to sneak in and light up the threads, the contradictions and the beauty of the life story. “

Writer Emily Perkins, who is part of next week’s line up, is already a fan.
True Stories Told Live. Amazing to be in presence of people remembering, shaping stories in the moment. Funny, awkward, moving, beautiful . . . ’she tweets.

True Stories Told Live
Where : Auckland Museum
When: September 30 bar open at 7pm
Starts 7.30pm
Tickets: $25 - Book online NOW.
Doors sales unless sold out prior - The Bookman reckons this is going to be a very special show and will certainly will be a sellout so act now.

For all media and further information
Please contact
Susanna Andrew or 0211518826
NZ Book Council

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