Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scholastic's Robinson Calls for Global Literacy Campaign
Jim Milliot -- Publishers Weekly, 3/25/2010

Scholastic chairman Dick Robinson used the occasion of this year's Bologna Book Fair to urge the children' world book publishing community to join the U.S. publisher in a campaign for global literacy. Robinson noted that despite the widespread use of digital technology, reading has never been more important to give children the chance to succeed in the 21st century. While reading instruction is better than ever, Robinson noted that in many cases children who can read are not motivated to do so and it is up to the publishing industry to deliver stories and other material that will interest them in reading.

 With young people being inundated today by massive amounts of information, it is crucial for them to learn to read nonfiction for information and literature for imagination, Robinson said. Reading will help young people to analyze and understand all the data they see and to separate fact from opinion. The ultimate goal, Robinson said, is that "every child should have literacy confidence--the ability to read, write, and speak about what he knows, what he feels, and who he is."

A Scholastic spokesperson said the company is finalizing its plans for a literacy campaign that the publisher intends to rollout before the 2010-2011 school year begins.

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