Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From PublishersLunch:
A New Stephen King Novella

Cemetery Dance will publish a new Stephen King novella as a trade hardcover next month, BLOCKADE BILLY.
The pitch: "Even diehard baseball fans don't know the true story of William Blakely, but in just a few weeks you'll be holding this dark tale in your own two hands so you can read it for yourself." King comments, "I love old-school baseball, and I also love the way people who've spent a lifetime in the game talk about the game. I tried to combine those things in a story of suspense. People have asked me for years when I was going to write a baseball story. Ask no more; this is it."

Cemetery Dance says they are "only printing a small number of first edition copies compared to what New York publishers print" and will fill direct orders on their website first, followed by distributors, etailers and book chains as supply allows.
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