Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kindle for iPad on the Way, But Not In Time for Launch; 
More on B&N iPad app
From PublishersLunch

Amazon gave the NYT a sneak preview of its Kindle-for-iPad app, which touts "two new ways for people to view their entire e-book collection, including one view where large images of book covers are set against a backdrop of a silhouetted figure reading under a tree." Screenshots are available at Amazon's website, but the app, which also "allows readers to slowly turn pages with their fingers", will not be available in time for the iPad April 3 launch date because Amazon hasn't been able to test it on a real device. Instead, according to VP for Kindle Ian Freed, Amazon "developed a tablet-based interface that redesigns the core screen and the reading experience."

The same NYT piece also adds some more details about the inception of the B&N iPad app, which will let users flip through books quickly with finger swipes and customize fonts in multiple colors and sizes. VP of digital products Douglas Gottlieb described a scene where 14 developers "hunch over Macs around a big table, and printouts and notecards are taped up on the walls" in a windowless room since January.

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