Monday, March 29, 2010

Fired & Hired: Three Professionals on Working in the New Publishing Economy
By Daniel Kalder - Publishing Perspectives

The economic recession has taken a toll on the publishing industry. There have been hundreds of layoffs and firings, leaving many of us with address books looking like they've been redacted by the CIA.

Photo - Liz Scheier
In today's story, we talk to a trio of veteran publishing pros about what it was like to lose their job, what they've been doing since, and how they are coping with the change. (Hint: One of them found happiness away from books).
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What Are the Hot Publishing Jobs of the Future?

By Edward Nawotka

The economic recession gave publishers a good reason -- or some might say, an excuse -- to trim payroll, but that doesn't mean publishers aren't hiring. Traditional editors, marketers and sales people may find themselves unemployed (but not unemployable), though they may find they have to transform themselves from literati into digerati.

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