Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HC gets Bologna's hot book

29.03.10 | Benedicte Page in The Bookseller

Bologna's "book of the Fair", The Emerald Atlas by US producer John Stephens, has sold to HarperCollins in the UK and Australia.

The book is the first in the Books of the Beginning trilogy, and is a fantasy title for pre-teen readers. The trilogy went to Knopf in the US and has also sold at the Fair to Longanesi in Italy, Random House in Germany, Capellendamm in Norway and Van Goor in Holland.

A price tag of $1.2m (£805,000) was widely quoted in the Bologna halls for the sale to Knopf, though this figure has not been confirmed by the literary agency, Writers House.

Cecilia de la Campa of Writers House said: “We’ve been seeing unprecedented offers, really driven by the quality of the book. A lot of publishers have been looking for a really wonderful middle grade novel because there is so much trend-driven YA.”

She described The Emerald Atlas as "an instant classic."

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