Monday, March 22, 2010

A letter From Pindar NZ

We are writing to inform you that last week Mary Egan decided to resign her position at Pindar New Zealand. We are very sad to see her go, but we understand her need to be with Gerard and wish them both well during this very diffi cult period.

We acknowledge that if it wasn’t for Mary, Pindar New Zealand wouldn’t be here today. Mary began typesetting directories in 1987 and since then, with Gerard beside her, has built Egan Reid into one of the leading service providers to the book publishing industry in the world. When Andrew Pindar fi rst met Mary and Gerard, you could feel the sparks fl y. A common vision was established: to position their company at the epicentre of a global Pindar business dedicated to book publishing. A vision that we remain dedicated to.

Although we will all miss the skills, experience and genuine warmth of Mary, the legacy she leaves is inspiringly rich.The team of professionals she has built in Auckland is outstanding and will continue to serve you in the manner towhich you have been accustomed.
To strengthen management in Auckland, Dave Harland will be coming on board in April as Operations Director. Dave previously worked for Pindar in the UK for 12 years, managing client service teams, before migrating to New Zealand eight years ago. Since arriving in New Zealand Dave has worked as an account manager in the printing industry and has built up a strong network and understanding of the market.

Finally, we want to let you know about some changes to our back-offi ce function, notably our financial accounting,as part of a cost-saving measure. We are in the process of transferring our management accounting to our central group in the UK. Consequently, two members of the Auckland team have been affected and will leave the business during March and April. Although this is unsettling and unfortunate for the staff involved, the move will enable us to reduce our back-offi ce costs. It is our intention to build increasingly strong links with other Pindar businesses and to share resources, ideas and intelligence where it helps realise the vision. More positively, we have recently added two members to our editorial team in Auckland and will continue to build our local presence.

We take this opportunity to reinforce our absolute commitment to you and this business. As Gerard once explained to me: ‘What sets us apart is our total immersion in book publishing, our ability to problem solve and a mandate to never accept mediocrity.’
We will strive to continue in this vein and deliver beautifully crafted books, world-class eBooks and media-rich publications.

Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Emms
Business Development
+61 418 905809

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