Monday, November 29, 2010

Success: Publishers in a class of their own

Making teachers' lives easier is the mantra for Invercargill company.
By Yoke Har lee  26 November, 2010 - New Zealand Herald
Even in the beginning, says Nicola Smith, she and her partner had no doubts that they could achieve their goals. know you have a grip on the market when customers ring you before your next product is out.
The managing director of educational publisher Essential Resources, fondly recalls the first intimation of success.
"We were publishing our No Nonsense Number learning resources for young children in stages. By the time we got to Stage Six, we had teachers who would ring for the book because they couldn't go on without our resource - that was an incredible high for us, people ... waiting for us to publish."

The No Nonsense Number resource series remain one of the company's most popular products.

Smith started the Invercargill-based company more than 10 years ago in the laundry room of her family home, with business partner Geraldine Sloan. Today it is a multi-million dollar publishing business with a strong presence in New Zealand and an expanding Australian and global toehold.
"We literally live, eat, breathe, sleep and dream about making teachers' working lives easier," Smith says.

The company uses some 85 authors to help produce its string of publications, which cover topics including science, maths, English, social studies, health, information technology and resources to teach the gifted.

Smith confesses that her bossy attitude and business savvy, coupled with Sloan's illustration talent, has made them a great combination. "Geraldine is an incredibly talented illustrator. That's why our books are so attractive. She is happy to put up with me. We are also surrounded by a brilliant team of designers whom we have complete faith in."
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