Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bethunes at Webb's - Electio Editions

Bethunes at Webb's is proud to be associated with Electio Editions, the press of New Zealand-born printer and writer Alan Loney.

Electio Editions are fine books, produced in small numbers using high quality materials and handcraft printing and binding techniques.

Bethunes at Webb's customers are invited and encouraged to sign up to receive notification of the activities of the press by contacting Alan Loney.

is a new series of poetry books by friends of the printer. Each book will have eleven pages of poems and two images by either Miriam Morris or the printer.

Alphabeta 1 is Sourdough by New Zealand-based poet Tony Green, with original acrylic drawings by Miriam Morris. The edition will be determined by the number of subscribers. Copies are AUD $260 each. Orders must be placed by 17 December 2010.

Other books in the series will be by Australian Marion May Campbell, New Zealander Elizabeth Wilson, and American Kyle Schlesinger.

For more information about Electio Editions, or to subscribe to Sourdough, contact Alan Loney. Photo right by Bruno Leti.

Electio Editions online

Bethunes at Webb's online

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