Thursday, February 24, 2011

Publisher,author,photographer Graham Stewart ponders the Christchurch earthquake

I spent the first week of February in Christchurch doing a camera shoot of the city and the suburban streets to match photographs I had taken sixty years ago in January 1950 for a possible pictorial book - this included covering the Cathedral in daylight hours and on the evening of 2 February - just 20 days before tragedy struck this lovely southern city.

It seems unbelievable that what was to be the ‘today’ pictures are now historic.
The historic photograph below shows the Cathedral spire under repair after earthquake damage in 1888.
During our visit we were just staying behind the cathedral in the Quest Apartments.

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Tracey said...

Thank you for posting these lovely pictures of the cathedral. I didn't know it had been damaged before and am heartened to see it can be fixed even though there is obviously so much more damage this time.