Sunday, February 20, 2011

New website for broadsheet: new new zealand poetry

broadsheet is a new non-profit New Zealand poetry periodical in chapbook form edited by Wellington writer and HeadworX publisher Mark Pirie. It now has a new website at

It is published through Mark Pirie’s other imprint The Night Press, which previously published his limited edition, hand-crafted collections as well as an initial single sheet broadsheet series that featured 10 New Zealand poets.

The aim is to publish high quality New Zealand poetry at an affordable price to readers. This is emphasized by the broadsheet format, which is in between a magazine and a book.

broadsheet: new new zealand poetry is published twice yearly in May and November.
While the emphasis is on new New Zealand poetry, some issues will also feature or include international guests and scholarly historical articles or poems.

Contributors to broadsheet include international poets Michael Duffett (USA), Richard Berengarten (UK) and the late Robert Creeley (USA), as well as leading New Zealand poets and writers Alistair Paterson, Kevin Ireland, Peter Bland, Vincent O’Sullivan, Ruth Gilbert, Fiona Kidman, Louis Johnson, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Meg Campbell and Ian Wedde. (For a full list see the Index.)”

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