Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If you're feeling a kind of 'aubade' today - the Tuesday Poem is for you.

The Tuesday Poem this week is Dad Aubade by Teresa Svoboda - a prolific and surprising US poet according to the editor this week, Palmerston North writer and creative writing teacher Bryan Walpert. The poem begins:

Worry, a kind of aubade
where the lover, mornings,
doesn’t leave, she’s dressed,
her shoes are tied but.

Who can resist a poem that begins like that? Bryan's commentary on the Tuesday post is worth reading too for its thoughtful insights into a poet little known here. Once readers have got to grips with Svoboda there's a feast of poems in the live blog roll on the Tuesday Poem side-bar which includes poems by Montana award-winning Airini Beautrais along with poems by other young kiwi writers like Anna Forsyth and Joanna Preston.

Then at the other end of the spectrum you can find poems by Tuesday Poets in Tipperary, the UK, the US and the Philippines. If you're feeling a kind of 'aubade' today - then go to Tuesday Poem - it will set you right.

While on the subject of poetry UK performance poet Matt Harvey has the perfect captive audience -- he will be declaiming to the queues at Wimbledon over the next two weeks.
The first ever official poet in residence at the world's most famous tennis tournament, Harvey cannot wait to write about everything from sampling strawberries and cream to sitting in the umpire's chair.
Link here.

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