Friday, January 08, 2010


JUNE HUTTON (pic left by Janet Baxter) is a former journalist and teacher whose short fiction has appeared in Pottersfield Portfolio, The Capilano Review, Other Voices and Contemporary Verse 2. Her first novel, Underground, is about the events that led a Canadian soldier to fight in the Spanish Civil War. A journey of self-discovery, the story of Albert Fraser begins in the battlefields of the Somme and then moves into the squalor and strife of the 1930s in Canada. Battle-scarred, Al searches for himself and, in a seemingly rash and contradictory act, returns to war—this time in Spain. Check out her website at for more details about her and her work. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

In a Q&A with ERIC FORBES, Hutton talks about the process of writing her first novel and the kinds of books she enjoy reading, among other things.

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