Wednesday, January 20, 2010

by Vanessa Johnson
Penguin Books - NZ$28

What do you get when you combine witty dialogue with laugh-out-loud moments, and engaging likeable characters?
Just published last week thisnew title from a new NZ author is THE perfect holiday read...

Lydia Kyriacos has it all – a stylish flat in Notting Hill Gate, a successful banker boyfriend, a great job in the West End and friends who can always be relied on to keep the party going.
But within the next 48 hours that’s all about to change, because Lydia also has a
big problem that’s not going away.
When her perfect life crashes down around her there’s nowhere to hide from the
truth that she’s out of control. Can she put down her wine glass long enough to
discover the party’s over, and will she recognise the one man who truly ‘gets’ her
before it’s too late?

About the author:
Vanessa Johnson is a chatty left-handed Gemini who’s dreamed of having a book published all her life. Born in New Zealand, she’s lived in Sydney and London, and has worked mostly in magazine publishing since graduating from the University of Auckland with a BA in English and Political Studies.
Today Vanessa lives in Auckland with her husband and son.

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