Thursday, January 21, 2010

From PublishersLunch:
Twilight Graphic Novel Set for March

Hachette Book Group's Yen Press has announced a March 16 pub date and a 350,000-copy first printing for their first installment of the graphic novel version of Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT. "As is typical in graphic novel publishing, due to the length of the prose novel, the book will be divided into two volumes and the release date for the second volume is forthcoming." Illustrations are by Korean artist Young Kim.

Amazon Offers 70% Royalty--If You Self-Publish Inexpensively, and Comprehensively

Amazon has offered authors and publishers using their self-service digital text platform a significantly enhanced royalty option as of June 30--70 percent instead of 30 percent--provided that certain specific conditions are met:

* The ebook should be not too cheap and not too expensive--priced between $9.99 and $2.99--and the digital list price has to be "at least 20 percent below the lowest physical list price for the print book"

* It has to be available for sale in all territories in which the author or publisher has rights

* It has to be available for text-to-speech, and whatever other new features Kindle adds in the future

* "Books must be offered at or below price parity with competition, including physical book prices. Amazon will provide tools to automate that process, and the 70 percent royalty will be calculated off the sales price."

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