Thursday, March 26, 2009

willie apiata
the reluctant hero
paul little with john lockyer
RRP $25.00 Paperback 4 pp colour photographs Puffin

November 2008 marked the release of what quickly became the #1 bestseller in New Zealand — Willie Apiata, VC: The Reluctant Hero.
Tomorrow, 27 March, Penguin Books will release the young New Zealander’s edition..

On a dark and cold Afghanistan hilltop, Lance Corporal Willie Apiata, a New Zealand Special Air Service trooper, was trapped at the front of a major fire-fight with suspected Taliban fighters. One of his mates was bleeding to death and they were pinned down by intense enemy machine gun and rocket fire.

For Willie there was no choice, with the lives and safety of his mates his only priority, Willie performed an act of courage that has now become part of New Zealand history and saw him awarded the highest military honour for bravery in the Commonwealth – the Victoria Cross.

From his amazing childhood growing up on New Zealand’s East Coast, to his favourite pig-hunting adventures and the people that inspired him along the way, this is the story of Willie Apiata VC, an ordinary Kiwi bloke, a very reluctant hero.

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