Monday, March 30, 2009


The multi-talented, (and delightful), artist/book illustrator/author, Fifi Colson has a cold so to advise her blog followers she posted this rhyming verse:

The Cold War
This really can't be happening,
I don't believe it's true,
Yet all the signs are looming
Yes…I've got the bloody 'flu.

I thought it was a hangover,
From the wine I drank last night,
Alcohol can make you sick,
And I'm pretty crook all right.

My muscles ache from head to toe,
My throat is lined with sand,
The pounding brain inside my head,
Sure needs a helping hand.

I'm reaching for the garlic now;
I don't go much for drugs,
Orange juice and propolis,
Will fight off winter bugs.

But just in case they don't work fast,
I'll slip in Panadol,
Coldrex, Coldral, Benadryl,
And two Orthoxicol.

Having covered all my bases,
I think I'll now retire,
From work, the kids, my husband too,
And quietly expire!


Maggie May said...

Oh I"m right there with her! Yay for poems turning miseries to ministries.

Anonymous said...

She'll certainly expire if she has mixed all those drugs. Lemon and honey, and a nice lie down will work better.