Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albom delivers a new book
March 29, 2009, Detroit Free Press

Have a Little Faith: A True Story of a Last Request," Mitch Albom's first nonfiction book since 1997's "Tuesdays with Morrie," has been turned in to publisher Hyperion and is set for release Sept. 22.

The best-selling author, award-winning Free Press columnist, radio host and all-around media personality told Names & Faces his latest literary journey took eight years to complete and couldn't be coming out at a more appropriate time.
"I didn't think it would take this long, but when I first started to write it, everyone was doing pretty good. But this year, we've had it so tough in Detroit it's just perfect timing for a book about how people have come to faith," Albom says.

Albom explains there are three central characters: One is an inner-city pastor who was a criminal in Detroit before turning his life around and taking over a church that helps homeless people. The second character is a 90-year-old rabbi from the suburbs of New Jersey. The third is Albom himself.
"I'm sort of the connection between the two -- black and white, suburb and city, Christian and Jewish," Albom says. "It all started with the question: How does a nonreligious person like me do a eulogy?"
Half of the new book, Albom says, is set in Detroit. And, the author assures, this is a book that isn't meant to be preachy.
"Faith is a pretty universal thing -- and the needs of one are pretty similar to the needs of others.
"It's not a how-to book; it's not a lecturing book,"
Albom says. "It's not a book that tells you that you have to believe in this or that. ... It's a story."

Fans looking to get a look at "Faith" excerpts or those interested in all things Mitch should visit the writer's revamped Web site: http://www.mitchalbom.com/.
It includes video clips and every Free Press column -- ever (!). It also provides an online community for people interested in exploring subjects like faith.

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