Saturday, March 21, 2009


When I read of the death of Geoff Moon this week I was taken back to my bookselling days in Napier when a new book by him from publishers A.H.& A.W.Reed would be an occasion to celebrate. First because they were always superb books on NZ birds featuring his hallmark astonishing photography and second because they were always keenly sought after and were a welcome addition to our sales figures!

By the time of his death he must have published more than 30 different titles., more recently several co-authored with his second wife Lynnette. Here is a list of most of them, courtesy Wikipedia:

Focus on New Zealand birds. (1960) A.H & A.W. Reed.
Refocus on New Zealand Birds (1967) A.H & A.W. Reed.
Photographing Nature (1970) A.H & A.W. Reed.
The birds around us, New Zealand birds, their habits and habitats (1979), Heinemann.
New Zealand Birds, a photographic guide ; with text by Ronald Lockley, (1982) Heinemann.
Seashore birds of New Zealand, photographs by Geoff Moon; text by Gordon Ell (1984) The Bush Press.
The River: The Story of the Waikato; by Sue Miles & Geoff Moon (1984) Heinemann.
The Natural World of the Maori; text by Margaret Orbell; photographs by Geoff Moon (1985) William Collins.
The Kingfisher, by Sandra Morris & Geoff Moon (1985) Heinemann.
Discover New Zealand Birds (1985) The Bush Press.
New Zealand The, Living Land (1986), X-S Books.
New Zealand Birds in Focus (1988), Weldon New Zealand.
What New Zealand Bird is That? (1991) Weldon.
The Reed field guide to New Zealand wildlife (1994), Reed Books.
Auckland Birds and Wildlife (1995), Reed New Zealand.
Reed habitat guides (1995) Reed New Zealand.
The Reed field guide to New Zealand birds (1996) Reed Books.
Common Birds in New Zealand (Mobil New Zealand Nature) (1996) Reed New Zealand.
The Singing Island : The Story of Tiritiri Matangi; by Lynnette Moon; photography by Geoff Moon (1998) Random House.
Rare Birds of New Zealand (Reed New Zealand Nature) (2000) Reed New Zealand.
Bird Migration in New Zealand (2002). Reed Books.
A photographic guide to: Birds of New Zealand (2002), New Holland.
New Zealand Land of Birds (2002) New Holland Publishers.
New Zealand birds in focus : a photographer's journey (2005) Reed Publishing.
Know Your New Zealand... Birds; by Lynnette Moon; photography by Geoff Moon (2006) New Holland.

What a legacy. He was by profession a veterenarian living and practicing in Warkworth north of Auckland but his abiding interest and love was wildlife and conservation and even at the time of his death he and Lynnette were working on yet another book.

I never met you Geoff but I feel I have known you through your many gorgeous books on New Zealand's birds, I must mention in particular those astonishing shots of kingfishers. I salute you and offer my condolences to your wife and family. R.I.P. Geoff.


Anonymous said...

Aue! Ka hika he totara i te maranui a Tane-

I have over a dozen of Geoff's books. Never met the man, but love his work (and agree Bookman - his kingfiaher shots are truly remarkable.)

He mihi ki te whanau - aue.

Mary McCallum said...

Thanks Graham - an excellent tribute.

Anonymous said...

I am Geoff Moon's wife, Lynnette. I have only just read this Review and other comments. I am humbled, as I know Geoff always was, when his work was praised. He did not ever expect, or seek praise.
He was proud of his Work with the kingfisher and also the morepork, having spent much time with these particular birds.
Thank you on his behalf, to those who take the time to comment.
I know Geoff would be grateful.