Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walker launches new imprint for babies: Baby Walker

21.04.10 |  The Bookseller

Walker Books is launching a list of books for babies and toddlers next spring under the brand Baby Walker. Twenty titles aimed at children up to two years old will be published in three blocks throughout the year.

Each will feature a novelty element and high-quality artwork and will be designed to complement the natural stages of a baby's development. It will be based on concepts such as shapes and colours as well as the simplest of stories and include subjects that appeal to both boys and girls.

Publisher Denise Johnstone-Burt said: “I am thrilled to be developing Baby Walker. In working with contemporary artists and designers we are making a new range that will lay the foundations for a lifelong love of books.”

Baby Walker will showcase a range of new and established authors and illustrators, including Petr Horacek.
Liz Attenborough, director of Talk to Your Baby, a division of the National Literacy Trust, is acting as a consultant.

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