Saturday, April 24, 2010


The NZSA Bulletin of New Zealand Studies is finally at the printers and will be ready to mail very soon.This special issue contains 14 articles, 3 reports, 30 pages of poetry, and more than 60 pages of book reviews. The journal also includes for the first time images in support of articles.

Everyone who was a member of NZSA last year (which includes the delegates at the Frankfurt conference) will receive a free copy. Likewise, a free copy will be sent to all contributors of articles, reports and poetry. (Do let me know if you have changed your postal address in the last 12 months). Only 250 copies of this journal will be printed (in the past it was 350) and there will be a few spares available for purchase. If you wish to buy a copy of the journal, please email me asap. These spare copies will retail at GBP15 each, and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

I wish that the issue could have been available earlier. It was ready back in September - even the envelopes had been completed and addressed back then
- but everything was delayed due to the appalling turn of events that resulted in the loss of the Centre for New Zealand Studies. For three months there was no real access to NZSA property, including NZSA cheque books. The journal has subsequently partly altered its name but appears as issue 2 and with the same ISBN. However, this is a stand-alone issue and will be the last produced. This issue has a slightly reduced font size - to try and help with production costs - but still has more pages with a total of 348, compared to 329 in issue 1. I am proud of this issue and appreciate the support of colleagues - in particular Tory Straker, Dom Alessio, and Paul Burns - in helping see this through to production.
There may be a small delay in forwarding copies to subscribers in NZ, as the postage costs need to be balanced against NZSA's remaining funds. UK subscribers should expect to have their copies by mid May, continental Europe and North America a week later, and NZ and Australia around early June.

I will next turn to the production of two Kakapo Books edited collections, which have also been hindered by the collapse of the Centre. My aim is to honour outstanding commitments where possible. More on these publications soon.

The very best - Ian
Ian Conrich, Email: .

Dear All - Please be advised of two further auctions of NZ Studies material, which were part of my collection on loan at the Centre for NZ Studies.
1) Over some time I had collected Maori postcards dating from when they began  (in the very early Edwardian period) to 1930. The collection totalled nearly 1200 different postcards and contains many very rare items, some of which have not been seen for sale for more than a decade. This is believed to be the largest ever collection of Maori postcards made available for sale and in that context the New Zealand Postcard Society has offered to co-ordinate the auction.
This is a postal auction and it commences today lasting for nearly 3 weeks. A very detailed catalogue has been produced and is available for free by contacting Jeff Long at <>. He is based in Christchurch and can also be contacted by phone (0064) 3 384 8463.
This is the first of 4 planned auctions, with each separated by approximately one month. There are 400 postcards in auction number 1 and it includes nearly 100 postcards of rangatira (Maori chiefs), many of which are real photo postcards. This auction also features part 1 of the postcards of wahine (Maori women), which is approximately 80 cards, and all of the postcards on the following subjects: waka (canoes), the haka, poi performance, maternity, early advertising, and early museum displays.

2) Many items sold at the end of last month in the online auction with New Zealand Book Auctions. However, quite a number of the items were unsold and these are being re-listed at a reduced price for 7 days, starting today. A few new items not listed in the original auction have been added. The auction can be found at <>.

The very best - Ian

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