Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gillian Newman reports:

UBS Canterbury was thrilled to launch two important New Zealand books recently at its Ilam shop -
Sleepwalking in Antarctica and Other Poems by Owen Marshall, published by Canterbury University Press and No Fretful Sleeper A Life of Bill Pearson by Paul Millar published by Auckland University Press.
Pic left shows Owen Marshall, right, with UBS supremo Philip King.

Both were launched by Patrick Evans in his inimitable manner, tricking the audience at the Owen Marshall evening by reading what we all assumed was an earlier poem by Owen. It was in fact part of a short story, thus demonstrating the lyricism of the writing whether it be prose or poetry.

Pic right, Patrick Evans.

At Paul’s launch he told how pleasing it is to have Paul and his young family as part of Canterbury University life, and the dedication he shows to his research and writing, and its relevance to the New Zealand canon.

Each event was attended by large and appreciative gatherings of colleagues, friends and family and the warmth and regard for each of the writers was evident

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