Monday, October 13, 2008


Each month The Flat White magazine is delivered free to our home in Ponsonby and I always look forward to the arrival of this community publication.

One of the regular advertisers in the publication is the splendid Children's Bookshop on the corner of Jervois & St.Mary's Roads, Ponsonby.

Their advertisements take the form of a book review and I was taken by the review of Paerl Barley & Charlkie Parsley which is reproduced here for your interest:

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley
Aaron Blabey -Penguin - $24.95

What does it take to make a great friendship? Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley are best friends, even though they have nothing in common. Pearl is a whirlwind of adventure and energy, while Charlie is a shy and gentle soul. But they care tremendously about each other. When Pearl wears herself out solving mysteries and running amok, Charlie is there to tuck her into bed with a mug of warm milk. When Charlie is having a shy or sad day, Pearl cheers him up and helps him brave his fears.
This is an absolute feel good book for all ages – but will be especially appealing to pre-school aged readers. Within its very minimal text, it not only manages to remind readers that it is okay to be different, but also contains a clever use of reverse gender stereotypes. While Pearl is a fabulous Sherlock Holmes, pirate and motorcycle rider, Charlie is a champion knitter, gardener and reader – be sure to notice him reading “The Benefits of Wearing Felt.”

The illustrations are bold, energetic and expressive, using acrylic and mixed media on textured board. The plain backgrounds allow the characters to jump right off the page. For more from this talented artist, check out Aaron Blabey’s second book for slightly older readers, Sunday Chutney.

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