Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Expectations

Various writers radically re-edit Chapter One of 'GREAT EXPECTATIONS' by Charles Dickens in order to extract new literary works which have lain hidden 'in potentia' within the old.

POSTSCRIPT (by way of an Introduction)

Every work springs out of the potential for that work to be written, but the potential for that work to have been written differently, and for it to yet be written differently (perhaps quite differently), does not perish with the realisation of the work: it persists within the work, dormant, unseen, unrealised.

Under strict laboratory conditions a group of literary researchers have subjected the first chapter of ‘Great Expectations’ to a range of conditions, constraints, reframings and exogenous forces in order to extract a sample few of the countless other Expectations that Charles Dickens made possible without realising.
Because this is ostensibly a blog (to allow new submissions to be added), the last posting appears first, and the first (by Dickens himself) appears as the deepest stratum, which makes archaeological sense but is not how we usually read.

To read the works in the order in which they were published, use the CONTENTS column on the right.The 'Note(s)' facility includes a small piece of attendant text intended (as such things always are) to infect your reading. It would probably be best to read this before reading the piece it accompanies (which is why it is placed at the end).
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