Thursday, October 30, 2008

What’s the Point of Discretion? Dishing Is More Fun

By JANET MASLIN writing in The New York Times, Published: October 29, 2008

In 1964 George Hamilton appeared in a bit part on a television series about three suave con-men cousins. The leading men of “The Rogues” were David Niven, Gig Young and Charles Boyer, and they kept busy trying to upstage one another. The cocked eyebrow, the attention-getting cough, the scornful sneer: Mr. Hamilton learned those debonair tricks from the experts and has spent a lifetime putting them to sneakily good use. When it comes to trade secrets, he also likes to ask himself, “What would Gloria Swanson do?”

George Hamilton pic by Robert Sebree

By George Hamilton and William Stadiem
Illustrated. 305 pages. Touchstone. $26.

One thing Ms. Swanson did was publish a memoir (“Swanson on Swanson”) equally devoted to image burnishing and indiscretion. It was in the tradition of “My Wicked, Wicked Ways” by Errol Flynn, another member of Mr. Hamilton’s personal pantheon. Now 69, at a point in his career where a stint on “Dancing With the Stars” qualifies as a recent triumph, Mr. Hamilton is ready to spill some beans of his own.
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