Monday, January 24, 2011

Two forthcoming New Zealand titles for teens

The Return of Ravana Book 1 - Pyre of Queens
David Hair
Penguin - $25
Publication February 28.

A YA novel from David Hair who won the Best First Book Award at the 2010 NZ Post Children's Book Awards for his The Bone Tiki. That title and its sequel The Taniwha's Tear are fantasy novels set inb New Zealand.
This new title however is set in India in the 8th and 21st centuries; dark & gripping stuff which is sure to appeal to his already loyal band of teenage readers.

The author has worked primarily in financial services although he has a degree in history and classical studies. He lived in New Delhi, India, from 2007 to 2010 and has recently returned to Wellington, New Zealand.
Apart from writing, he is interested in folklore, history, and has a passion for football.

Too Many Zeros
Geoff Palmer
Puffin - $25
Publication  31 January

This one is for a slightly younger age group, perhaps 10-14 years, and is by Geoff Palmer who lives in Wellington and works as an IT journalist and computer programmer. He is the writer of the ‘Consumer Watch’ column in New Zealand PC World magazine and has won four Qantas media awards for IT journalism. Too Many Zeros is his first book for young readers.
Things get seriously weird for Tim Townsend when he meets a pair of mice with an extraordinary calculator. Suddenly he and his sister Coral are plunged into an adventure full of strange new technology, mind parasites and visitors from very, very far away.

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Unknown said...

There's another volume in the Taniwha's Tear to come from David Hair soon too. Taniwha's Tear was my favourite YA novel the year it was published.