Monday, January 24, 2011

The LIfe Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

Many years ago, 1992 in fact, when I was MD/Publisher at Scholastic, we published a series of appealing life cycle titles by talented Feilding-based artist Betty Brownlie the star of which I thought was The Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.
Scholastic has now published the title in a redesigned and reillustrated edition a copy of which landed on my desk this morning and I have to say it is just stunning. I immediately pulled down my copy of the original 1992 edition and I admit that although we were very proud of the 1992 version at the time, this new edition knocks that earlier one into a cocked hat!
My congratulations to Betty Brownlie and Scholastic on a fine piece of publishing.

Also reissued by Scholastic is a title from their acclaimed My New Zealand Story series - EARTHQUAKE - Napier 1930-1931 by Janine McVeagh. With the recent Christchurch earthquake still fresh in the minds of young people this is a timely resissue.

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