Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moon man warns about false warnings

Longrange weather forecaster Ken Ring says many alarmist warnings about cyclones may be unfounded and the public may eventually ignore all warnings, even valid ones, after continual media beat-up of weather that fails to eventuate.

Despite threats of impending La Nina doom, since 22 December Auckland has had only 6 rain days with only one heavy. Cyclonic systems this season, he says, should persist in the Pacific islands through to the end of March, but it is unlikely to be until March that NZ gets adversely affected.

As for this weekend, despite the look of rain at times, most areas should remain mostly dry. This should predominate over the next fortnight, except for southerly action around 5-6 February promising some rain for the South Island, especially in the west and south. February may be particularly dry for the Bay of Plenty.

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