Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Stores Need Love Too

from Bookiemonster blog.

The Devonport Vintage Bookshop is everything a used book store should be. It’s crammed full of beautiful old books, and beautiful new ones too. There are rare books, and a dedicated poetry section. There’s hilariously misplaced signs.

It’s also closing down.

Readers, take yourself out on the town and visit the book stores in your area. Supporting local businesses puts money back into your community. Small business owners will love you for it and you might find a gem. I’m guilty of big-box-book-shopping myself but it’s one of my new year’s resolutions to change that. Today, for example, I picked up a book on embroidery and The Encyclopaedia Of Basic Craft Techniques (1973) in case I want to take up leatherwork, learn to weave, or rub-dye plastic. Okay, so I bought it for the pictures. But it’s brilliant, and they don’t have it at the Big Box Book Store.

Aucklanders, while it’s still open, you can get 50% off everything at the Devonport Vintage Bookshop – but the time to go to your local book store is while it’s still open, to help it thrive.

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transpress nz said...

it's a real shame to see shops like this - run by people with a good knowledge of and interest in books - close.