Thursday, May 27, 2010


10.40am - I review Robert B. Parker's latest on Radio NZ National

11.00am - I attend the Whitcoulls launch of New Zealand's first eBook store and eBook reader

2.30pm - Bookman/Internetman Paul Reynolds is farewelled at St.Pat's Cathedral and  I am among the large, grieving crowd.

I'm just back from Paul's funeral. It was a moving service but I don't handle funerals well, and I found it rather harrowing. I took a long slow walk home thinking about Paul and the huge contribution he made in a number of fields, all fields connected to the book, both in paper and electronic form. He was indeed a bookman.
More tomorrow about the funeral and also of course the big and exciting announcement from Whitcoulls, (an event Paul certainly would have been at had he still been alive).. For now though I'm off to have a large glass of fine NZ Chardonnay and to toast the life and achievements of my departed friend and blog mentor Paul Reynolds. Rest in peace old friend.You were a star performer and you are going to be hugely missed by many.

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