Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clay Shirky on Authorship, Wiki Novels and the Future of Publishing
 By Todd Sattersen

Clay Shirky is sharpest media minds at work today. His seminal first book, Here Comes Everybody, codified the social media craze. His forthcoming book, Cognitive Surplus, looks at how new means of collaboration is having a profound impact on the way we produce the media we consume. Here, he discusses how theses changes are affecting the publishing industry, authorship and the very nature of writing itself.
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What Types of Books are Better Served by Authors Collaborating?

Clay Shirky notes that intense collaboration is changing the very definition of the word author. "So a bunch of stuff that used to be done by individuals is now being done by groups, when groups can do it better," he says. What types of books are better served by authors collaborating, than by their being written by an individual?

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