Friday, July 17, 2009

This comment in The Times, Friday July 17, 2009 by Anthony Browne, the Children’s Laureate:

Philip Pullman and three of my predecessors as Children’s Laureate, Anne Fine, Micheal Morpurgo and Quentin Blake, say that as an act of protest they will stop visiting schools.
These distinguished children’s authors and illustrators are infuriated with a Government scheme that requires them to be vetted in case they are a danger to children.
I have a certain sympathy with them – but I will not feel compelled to join them in their boycott.
Although it will be irritating to have to pay 64 pounds for the privilege of being on the Independent Safeguarding Authority database, I do not see why writers should be treated differently from others who work with children – from music teachers to dinner ladies.

For the rest of the story link to The Times online.

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Edna said...

How absurd. Perhaps we should start vetting every parent dropping their child at the school gates or entering the school grounds in case they may harbour some indecent intent towards the children. Why are we so intent on scaring our children and letting them think every male is out to get them in some way. Authors are wonderful storytellers and their visits are essential in encouraging and bringing to life the wonderful world of literature.
As a librarian, I know the kids love author visits. They are never left alone with a child so why the fuss.