Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Publishers Association name change reflects changing nature of business

The association of book publishers known as the Book Publishers Association of New Zealand (BPANZ) has opted for a name change. From 26th July BPANZ will be known as the Publishers Association of New Zealand (PANZ).

The new name reflects the changing nature of the book publishing industry and the benefits of embracing technological changes, particularly those in the growth and innovation of digital publishing.

“While it is not the association’s aim to move away from books,” said Adrian Keane, president, PANZ, “the name change reflects fast moving developments in digital publishing and the organisation’s desire to be relevant to all publishers whatever platform they choose to work in whether it be print or digital.”

It is anticipated that this move will also broaden the PANZ membership base and attract organisations which are already focusing on digital content as well as print. This will offer more opportunities for members of the association to share opportunities relating to new technologies.

The move follows the example of other international publishers’ organisations such as Publishers Association (UK), Association of American Publishers (AAP), Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) and the Australian Publishers Association (APA).

PANZ is a professional organisation which represents the interests of the book publishing industry to government and other agencies; providing a range of services including training, copyright protection and promotes trade by its members in domestic and export markets. PANZ is also the administrator for the PANZ Book Design Awards, which were developed to promote excellence in book design in New Zealand.

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Pene Walsh said...

Not to be confused with PAANZ (Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association NZ) or PAANZ (Peforming Arts network of NZ)or PANZ (Playwrights Association of NZ)or PANZ (Project Adventure NZ)or PANZ (Population Association of NZ)or PANZ (Pastel Association of NZ)...you get the point.