Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bookman celebrates Bastille Day

Our little village, like most in France I guess, was decorated in tricolor bunting and flags, bands wandered the streets playing appealing music to , and at 10.30pm we watched from 10 km’s away a massive fireworks display high above St.Tropez.

The only public Inernet facility for miles around was closed for the day, as were most places except cafes, bars and restaurants hence no posting to the blog yesterday.
Tomorrow we move on to Le Lavendou on the coast where I hope t have Internet access available at our accommodation.

Today it is 32C but it is bone dry heat and somehow one copes fine, unlike the humidity of Phuket when we were there. I am drinking Orangina by day and the most delicious pale Roses in the evening. Life is pleasant, especially with an Ian Rankin thriller by my side.

Greetings to you all, from the south of France.
Au revoir,


Vanda Symon said...

It sounds idyllic.

Are you intercepting the Tour de France at any stage? said...

Bonjour Bookman, or Bonsoir, depending on when your internet connection is re-established - lovely hearing from you and nice to know you are enjoying the Rosé in the evenings. I noticed earlier on you were chatting about the Languedoc - I have fond memories of a very charming village in that region named Pouzolles, where we spent a lovely week or two, where the neighbours drove out of their garages on their tractors to work in the grapes and we were the only English speaking people in town... my French didn't improve, but my love of the little bladders of local wine did.