Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barnes & Noble to launch e-bookstore
21.07.09 The Bookseller

US bookseller Barnes & Noble is launching an e-bookstore with bestsellers priced to directly compete with and Sony.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the retailer will sell more than 700,000 titles when it launches this summer. It said that it hopes to sell more than one million titles within a year.
E-books bought at the online store can be viewed on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry smartphones and most Windows and Mac computers. However, the e-books will not be able to be viewed on the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader.
Barnes and Noble also signed a "strategic partnership" with e-book company Plastic Logic. It said it would "support" Plastic Logic's e-bookstore but it is unclear whether it will sell its forthcoming e-book reader, which is due in early 2010.
The pricing puts it in direct competition with Amazon, who sells New York Times bestsellers and new releases for $9.99.
Wall Street Journal

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