Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We moved right across France on Saturday to a “manoir” – large country house in the Dordogne, between the towns of Sarlat and Brive. The night before we arrived there had been a major, and apparently spectacular, electrical storm which “blew” the tv set and the wifi connection and we are still waiting for it to be repaired five days later!
When you read this it will either have been fixed or I will have found an Internet café which in this rural area seem to be few and far apart.

Some comments on the drive across from Provence:

The motorway system is quite superb, wonderfully designed, and maintained, with no major roadworks carried over the summer holiday season, (something Transit NZ could emulate), the tolls are expensive but nevertheless represent great value with significant economic benefits.
Let’s build a motorway from Auckland to Wellington and charge vehicles $100 to use it. It would knock two hours off the trip and could be paid off in a few years.

Here in the Dordogne Valley there are cycle paths everywhere, John Key shuld come and have a look, it is his dream for New Zealand in place and being greatly used. Great stuff.
The daytime temperatures have been in the high 30’s so swimming in the pool and lazing abut reading have been the order of the da

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