Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Book Revolution
Sunday 26 Jul 2009

The book business is facing its greatest revolution since the invention of printing, but Victoria Barnsley, chief executive of Harper Collins, says it is an exhilarating time.
"I predict that, within 10 years, 50% of all books will be read electronically. We are at the equivalent of black-and-white television now, but once the technology is perfected everything will change."
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Unknown said...

I can't believe all these big publishers are just 'cottoning' onto e-books now. I've been reading them on a PPC for upwards of six and seven years.

Great free, older - out of copyright - content from Project Gutenburg.


And pay to read 'modern' writing from Fictionwise.com.


Although I would welcome much more choice of literary fiction content, and when oh when oh when are Kindle Readers ever going to arrive in New Zealand? According to Noel Lemming, not until at least the end of next year now! They've been out for ages.

transpress nz said...

We have had e-books in our catalog for a while now, but sales are very small, so there is no incentive to produce them, except where the print version has sold out and a reprint is too much of a risk.