Friday, July 31, 2009

Sony plans to launch wifi Reader ahead of Kindle
30.07.09 Victoria Gallagher in The Bookseller

Sony is believed to be readying for launch a new version of its ebook Reader, which will include wifi access. According to industry sources in the UK the new device is being prepared for September sale in order to pre-empt the arrival in the UK of's Kindle device.
Publishers spoken to by The Bookseller refused to talk publicly because of non-disclosure agreements in advance of the launch.A flurry of reports about a possible new device has also broken out online, after a US chain store manager revealed that a new Reader was being planned for autumn release with "wifi, [a] bigger screen, and more memory".Sony refused to confirm or deny the reports when contacted by The Bookseller.
The Bookseller reported last week that a UK version of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is now widely expected this autumn. Publishers suggested that the US-based retailer was actively planning an October launch for the device.
Earlier in the week the FT reported that book publishers were "in talks" with Apple over the launch of its "tablet" device early next year. There are suggestions that Apple could weave e-books into its iTunes Store.

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